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Noisy Dishwasher
Dishwasher Water Punp Not Work
Dishwasher Improper Water Temperature
Dishwasher Dishpenser Fails
Dishwasher Clogged Filter
Dishwasher Ditergent Not Dispense
Dishwasher Other Problem Repair

Unusual Noises

Broken or loose spray arm supports, improperly loaded dishes, blocked spray arms and broken dishwasher racks can lead your dishwasher to make odd or loud noises while it's operating.

Water Temperature Issues

Your dishwasher needs hot water to clean your dishes safely. If your appliances heating elements or thermostats are bad, your dishwasher may not be able to perform well.

Lack of Adequate Water Flow

Over time, dishwasher water pumps can wear out or become clogged. This condition prevents the pump from delivering proper water pressure to the dishwasher's cleaning jets, resulting in poor dishwasher performance.

Detergent Dispenser Problems

Your dishwasher's detergent dispenser is programmed to release detergent at specific times during the wash cycle. When the dispenser fails to open at the proper time, your dishwasher won't wash dishes properly. This is often caused by a malfunctioning timer.

Dispenser Won't Release Detergent

If the dispenser doesn't open at all, your dishes can't be safely cleaned. A failed dispenser can be caused by detergent build-up, loose rinse-aid caps or improper dish loading that blocks the dispenser lid

Blocked Filters

Your dishwasher has a filter to keep food debris from clogging water lines and sticking to cleaned dishes. When food debris builds up on these filters, though, the dishwasher can't clean properly. Your dishwasher can also begin to smell foul

Other Problems?

Whatever appliance problems you have, call us anytime. Our technicians provide reliable repair service and assistance 24/7

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Dishwasher Repair Miami

One of the most requested appliances by new homebuyers, dishwashers are a convenience that soon becomes a necessity for most locals. Sure, you can wash dishes by hand, but dishwashers save you loads of time and they are usually more water efficient too. When a dishwasher breaks down, though, your entire routine goes awry. The constant washing, draining and drying of dishes is a drain on anyone's schedule. We understand that when your dishwasher breaks down, you need it fixed quickly and correctly. You can count on us to be the leading dishwasher appliance repair Miami FL locals trust.

At AAA Miami Appliance Repair, our experienced repair professionals are trained to handle nearly every type and brand of dishwasher available. Some of the brands we service are:


Fisher Paykel









But don't worry if you don't see your dishwasher brand listed here. We troubleshoot, repair and maintain countless dishwasher brands. The chances are good that your dishwasher is one of the brands we service, so don't hesitate to call us and ask. We are experienced with all types of dishwashers, too, including:

compact dishwashers

freestanding dishwashers

dishwasher drawers

portable dishwashers

integrated and built-in dishwashers

slimline dishwashers

countertop dishwashers

When it comes to local dishwasher repair in Sunny Island Beach and the surrounding area, AAA Miami Appliance Repair is a trusted name.

Where Can I Find Dishwasher Appliance Repair in Miami FL ?

At AAA Miami Appliance Repair, we are your neighbors, delivering comprehensive, prompt and reliable appliance repair services throughout the greater Miami area. We are trained and equipped to handle all of your dishwasher malfunctions, from the most basic to the most complex. Some of the common dishwasher problems we fix include:

leaking dishwashers

unusually noisy dishwashers

dishwashers that won't start

dishwashers that suddenly emit unusual or unpleasant odors

dishwashers that aren't cleaning properly

dishwashers that won't drain

detergent that doesn't dispense

dishwashers that don't fill with water

We even offer same day dishwasher repair in Homestead, Sunny Island Beach and Miami so you don't have to suffer through doing dishes by hand. We are experts at repairing and replacing:

spray arms

dishwasher racks

water supply lines and valves

door latches

drain pumps

floats and float switches


internal food choppers

heating elements

timers and electronic controls

Why Choose AAA Miami for Your Dishwasher Repair in Miami?

We are the dishwasher repair Miami locals rely on because we are committed to providing you with top-notch, honest service. You'll experience many benefits when you choose us:

We make it easy to contact us using our online form or by calling us directly.

We return your calls promptly.

We offer appointments that fit your schedule.

Same-day and emergency appointments are available.

We don't waste your time. Our repair experts arrive at your appointment on time, with notification of delays.

Our estimates are provided to you in writing before we begin any repairs.

We often can complete repairs during a single service call.

AAA Miami Appliance Repair is licensed and insured.

There's no need to suffer from a dishwasher that isn't working promptly. Call us today to experience the AAA Miami Appliance Repair advantage.

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    James Masterson, Home Owner

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    Jacob Thompson Tenant

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    Michael Alvarez Home Owner

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