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Service Hours: Monday - Friday 8am-6pm

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

Noisy Dryer Repair miami
Dryer Taking Long Time
Dryer Fails to Start
Dryer Too Hot Repair
Dryer Vent Flop Immobile
Dryer Burning Smell Repair
Dryer Not Dry Cloths

Unusual Noises

Worn or damaged dryer belts, broken bearings or damaged seals can cause your dryer to make odd or loud noises. Call for repair if the problem occurs

Won't Start

If your dryer won't start, the electrical wiring can be to blame. The problem can also be caused by bad fuses, tripped circuit breakers, failing thermostats or defective switches.

Won't Dry In Normal Time

If your clothes suddenly need more time than usual to dry, there may be a problem with your dryer's heating element, heating coils, thermostat or dryer vents. Call for repairs right away.

Clothes Are Still Wet

Defective heating elements, malfunctioning moisture sensors and other component problems can cause your dryer to fail. Clothes also won't dry properly if the dryer's exhaust vent is clogged with lint or other debris.

Dryer Is Hot To Touch

Dryer exteriors should not be hot to the touch. If they are, your dryer's vent could be dangerously blocked by lint or other debris. If left unattended, this problem could cause a fire, so call for repair help immediately.

Dryer Smells Burnt

A burnt smell is a warning sign you should not ignore. It can be caused by a dangerous buildup of lint in the vent ducts or drum casing. If your dryer smells like it's burning, turn the dryer off and call for help immediately.

Stuck Vent Flap

Some vent hood flaps are intended to move while the dryer is running. If your vent hood isn't moving, clean your vent and duct. If the problem persists, call for repair immediately.

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Quick Dryer Appliance Repair Miami FL

Whether you have a high-end Miele clothes dryer or a common Amana dryer, you depend on your dryer to keep your laundry system running like clockwork. There are few experiences more frustrating than running a load of wet clothes through a dryer cycle only to discover the clothes haven't dried a bit. At AAA Miami Appliance Repair, we understand that you have a sopping wet load of clothes that need attention now. That's why we offer same day dryer repair in Sunny Island Beach and the greater Miami area.

Of course, we also understand that malfunctioning dryers can be dangerous. Faulty dryers cause about 3,000 home fires a year, so we always take dryer breakdowns seriously, and you should too. In some cases, we even offer emergency repair services to help you prevent an unnecessary and potentially hazardous dryer malfunction. It's one of the many reasons we are the local dryer repair Homestead residents trust for all their appliance repair needs. AAA Miami Appliance Repair technicians are professional and well-trained, experienced in troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining all brands of clothes dryers such as:










Magic Chef

How Can I Find Quality Dryer Repair Near Me?

Call us today if you're wondering, "What company offers the best dryer repair near me ?" We offer some of the most trusted local dryer repairs in Homestead because we focus on training our technicians who provide responsive service and quality, accurate repairs. Our many highly satisfied customers can tell you all about their experiences with our professional repair technicians on our social media sites, but here's an overview of our advantages:

We schedule appointments that fit your life.

We offer same-day and emergency repairs.

We are prompt. Our technicians arrive on time, always keeping you informed of delays.

You'll never be caught surprised by unexpected charges or fees because we give you an estimate before we begin any repairs. We also make sure to communicate any changes as they occur.

We have a track record for completing repairs in a single visit. We carry the most common replacement parts with us so you don't have to wait for repairs.

Our company is licensed, certified and insured.

Why is AAA Miami the Local Dryer Repair Homestead Trusts ?

We are committed to being honest with you throughout the process, and were honored to have built up a very loyal local customer base. We care about your appliance needs, as your neighbor and trusted service provider. Dryer appliance repair in Miami FL is serious business, especially when you consider the potential fire hazard that your dryer can present. We are also considered one of the most reliable repair companies in the area because we offer vital maintenance services for your dryer. Some of these preventive offerings include:

Dryer duct and exhaust vent clean-outs

Verifying that your dryer's internal lint trap is clear of debris and flammable lint.

Replace vinyl exhaust ducts with safer, more efficient metal ducts

We want you to be safe and to enjoy an efficient household with your well-functioning clothes dryer. Be sure to pay attention to dryer warning signs such as:

increased drying time

unusual odors coming from your dryer

a dryer that is hot to the touch

At AAA Miami Appliance Repair we understand your dryer, whether it's a high-tech, WiFi-enabled system or a conventional model that just runs timed drying cycles. Call us today to make sure your dryer is running safely and efficiently.

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    “Excellent, efficient and friendly service. Highly recommended!”

    James Masterson, Home Owner

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    “The problem was quickly diagnosed and fixed it the same day. Technicians were on time, very knowledgeable, and ethical!”

    Jacob Thompson Tenant

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    “Very satisfied with their prompt service at a very fair price!”

    Michael Alvarez Home Owner

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