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Don't Clean While Surface Is Hot

Only begin cleaning a cooktop once it has cooled, otherwise, soaps and cleaners can burn your cooktop's surface. A hot cooktop can also burn your skin during cleaning, so wait for it to cool.

Keeping Your Cooktop Clean

Wipe away spills and food debris with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth soaked in warm, soapy water. Then, wipe away soap debris and dry the surface. If deeper stains remain, proceed with non-abrasive cleaners

Burners Are Unreliable

If your burners only work some of the time, the problem could be caused by a number of issues. These causes could be faulty burning elements, short-circuited electrical systems, loose wiring, bad fuses and electrical breaker problems

Burners Won't Turn Heat

If none of your burners will turn on the problem may be caused by poor electrical currents, power cord issues and similar power interruptions.

Burners Only Heat to One Temp

Burners that can’t achieve their full range of temperatures can be suffering from bad burner elements, failed infinite switches, poor circuit resistance or a number of other problems.

Burner Won't Heat

Bad electrical connections, power supply issues, blown stove fuses and surging electrical resistance may be to blame for burners that won’t heat at all

Other Problems?

Whatever appliance problems you have, call us anytime. Our technicians provide reliable repair service and assistance 24/7

Miami FL Appliance Repair

Ace Range Repair in Miami

Is your oven not baking correctly? Is your cooktop failing to turn on? Don't worry, we're here to help as one of the top range repair companies in the Miami area. Our extensively trained repair professionals are knowledgeable on all brands of range repairs in Miami, including exclusive, professional-grade brands like:








We also repair more traditional brands such as:








We provide a wide variety of range appliance repairs in Miami FL, including:

temperature calibration

ignitor repairs

knob replacements

door replacements

bulb replacements

burner replacements

self-cleaning feature repair

gas system repairs

heating element repairs and replacements

Our expert repair technicians are skilled in all types of ranges, from slide-in and built-in ranges to outdoor and commercial-grade units. For your convenience and to keep your range in top working condition, we also provide some maintenance services.

Who Can You Call for Range Appliance Repair in Miami ?

With all of the time and money you’ve spent on selecting and buying your appliances, you probably haven't had much experience with an appliance breakdown. Luckily, we have a lot of experience with appliances that need a little help to get back to tip-top form. Whether you're a novice to appliance breakdowns or an old pro, you can trust us with your range repair needs. We try to make it as easy as possible to use our services such as:

same day range repair in Homestead and the rest of the Miami area

non-urgent service calls

maintenance service

When your range stops working, call us or use our quick online contact form. Here's what you can expect when you contact us:

We'll respond promptly, talking with you about the problem with your range.

We'll schedule an appointment as quickly as possible, working around your schedule so it's convenient for you.

We arrive at your home or business with a truck equipped with most common replacement parts. This means that we can often complete your range repairs in a single visit.

We'll give you a written estimate for repairs, explaining the scope of the repairs and the expected timeframe for completion.

We work efficiently, safely and cleanly, respecting your home and furnishings.

Why Is AAA Miami Appliance Repair the Range Repair Miami Locals Trust ?

We're honored to be a growing repair firm in the Miami area, thanks to terrific word of mouth referrals from our many happy clients. Our mission is to repair your range correctly the first time. This commitment helps you avoid the frustration of repeated problems and multiple service calls. If you need local range repair in Sunny Island Beach and the surrounding area, we hope you'll trust us with your appliance. For your protection, we are licensed and insured, and each of our repair technicians is fully trained with all brands and types of range repairs. Call us today for an appointment or to talk about your appliance maintenance or repair needs.

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