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Service Hours: Monday - Friday 8am-6pm

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

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Proper Washer Loading

How you place your clothes in the washer matters. Try to evenly distribute the weight of your clothing in the washer tub. Also, do not wrap long items around the washer tub.

Unusual Noises

Washer tubs can easily become imbalanced and noisy by poorly loaded clothing, missing tub screws and uneven base surfaces. If your washer is noisy, re-arrange the clothing load, then call us for quick repairs if the problem persists.

Tub Won't Fill With Water

If the water supply lines are blocked, the timer is broken, the door switch is blocked or your washer fails to trigger the water-filling process, your washer won't fill with water.

Washer Won't Agitate Or Spin

If you have sopping wet clothes at the end of a wash cycle, your washer may not be spinning properly. This can be caused by a broken washer belt, a failing transmission, a bad clutch or a malfunctioning motor.

Washer Won't Drain

Your washer uses a pump to discharge water from its tub. When the pump isn't working properly water can't be drained. The problem can also be caused by other pump issues or blocked water lines

Cleaning Your Washer

You can sanitize your washer drum to keep clothes fresh and your washer clean. Every six months, fill your top-loading washer with hot water, add a quart of white vinegar and a half-cup of baking soda and let it soak for an hour. Then, complete the wash cycle

Other Problems?

Whatever appliance problems you have, call us anytime. Our technicians provide reliable repair service and assistance 24/7

Washer repair in Miami Appliance Repair

Premier Washer Repair Around Miami

Whether you need same day washer repair in Homestead or washing machine maintenance in Sunny Island Beach, AAA Miami Appliance Repair is here to help. We are the Miami area's premier appliance repair company because we are highly trained, responsive to your needs and dedicated to doing the job right. AAA Miami Appliance Repair is proud to offer all types of washer repair Miami residents count on when their washing machines break down. We maintain, troubleshoot and repair:

top-loading machines

front-loading washers

high-efficiency models

dual washing systems

electronic-control units

stacked washer-dryer systems

WiFi-enabled washers

We service nearly all brands of washing machines, including top-rated manufacturers such as:







Our professional repair technicians are expert at diagnosing and fixing a wide variety of washing machine issues, including:

replacement drain hoses

drain pump replacement

belt replacements

timer replacements

lid switch repairs

Who Do I Call for Local Washer Repair near Sunny Island Beach ?

Washers are generally fairly reliable appliances, so this may be your first washing machine breakdown. We hope you’ll entrust us with your washing machine. We are experienced, skilled repair professionals with your interests at the core of our mission. Washer appliance repair in Miami FL can be confusing since you have so many options. We stand out by providing prompt, on-time service. We don’t waste your time, dispatching a technician to your home who is well-equipped with most common replacement parts to ensure a quick, one-visit repair in most cases.

Before calling us, though, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that your washing machine problems aren't caused by something simple. Run through this checklist:

Make sure the washer's electrical cord is securely plugged into the outlet and that the breaker has not tripped off.

If your machine is leaking, take a look at the drain hoses. They should not be kinked, twisted or damaged.

Make sure your washer lid or door is closed completely. Most washers won’t run if the lid/door switch isn't fully engaged.

Our repair experts are experienced with all sorts of complicated and unusual washer repairs, but we also excel with all of the common washer ailments, too, like:

Leaking washers

Washers that won't spin, agitate or rinse

Washers that don't drain

Washing machines that don't turn on

Washers that won't fill completely

Washers that don't progress to the next cycle

What's the Advantage to Choosing AAA Miami for Washer Repair in Miami ?

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority, and we pride ourselves on our many highly satisfied customers. With AAA Miami Appliance Repair:

We arrive on time and keep you informed about any possible delays.

There are no hidden fees or surprise charges. We give you accurate estimates before we begin repairs.

We often complete the repair on the first visit. Our repair vans are stocked with most common replacement parts so you don't have to wait for repairs.

We are licensed, certified and insured.

We are committed to fixing your washer properly the first time so you don’t have to suffer through additional washer breakdowns and multiple service calls.

When it comes to service, efficiency and expertise, you can't beat AAA Miami Appliance Repair. Call us today for local washer repair Sunny Island Beach locals trust most.

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